Government Shutdown Averted – Housing Disaster Straight Ahead

HUD Housing Disaster Ahead

In coming to a consensus on the provisional budget that will help our nation move forward until a more permanent budget agreement can be reached, we have averted a shutdown; but put ourselves on the road to a housing/foreclosure disaster. The budget agreement reached last week by legislators and the President has effectively gutted the funding for housing counseling provided by HUD. HUD approved housing counseling agencies will completely disappear if funding is not restored in the permanent budget agreement. What does the loss of HUD housing counseling mean for ordinary homeowners and even budding real estate investors?

1. Loss of HUD counseling agencies means that millions of first-time homeowners may decide to not buy into the American dream of homeownership because of ignorance and misconceptions. HUD counseling agencies are responsible for providing 4 million families with information to help them decide whether or not homeownership is for them.

2. Loss of HUD counseling agencies means that hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure may not be able to get the advice they need because they simply can’t afford it. These housing counseling agencies provided over 2.6 million homeowners with the help they needed to avoid mortgage delinquency and foreclosure.

3. Loss of HUD counseling agencies could mean more homelessness on our streets. HUD counseling agencies have helped half a million Americans avoid homelessness and find shelter.
It is very foolish of our legislators to gut such an essential program such as the HUD housing counseling agencies which help many avoid foreclosure, purchase homes and avert homelessness. Contact your representatives today to let them know you want funding for HUD counseling agencies restored.

Where To Call:
House of Representatives: 1-800-962-3524. Ask for your representative
Senate: 1-800-962-3524. Ask for both of your senators
White House: 1-202-456-1414. Ask for the Comment Line

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