7 Things You Can Do To Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back

7 Things You Can Do To Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back

Every day people do things that ruin their chances of getting a security deposit back. Holes in the walls damaged doors, broken windows, these are all things that disqualify renters from usually getting their money back. To avoid losing your deposit you will have to make sure a few things they will be checking for are in good shape. In the case of windows for example, you’ll want to hire residential glass repair services to take care of things for you. With a few other things it might require a bit more work from you, or perhaps not be as cost effective. Be sure to follow the advice below. It’s actually fairly simple if you take the time to plan.

Plan out your plan

Take 30 minutes to 2 hours to figure out what exactly you should do to clean or fix whatever you damaged, if the flooring was made out of carpet and it’s stained make sure to hire a carpet cleaning service, take a look to Zerorez Austin Carpet Cleaning services. Plan out the strategy to fix the damage and make sure to account for the actual fix time too.

Start strategizing when you’re going to move in

Plan out ways to save time, money, and physical effort. Make sure to buy removable poster putty or those sticky velcro products that are meant to hang things.

Being organized is king and queen.

Make sure you read the paperwork and get a thorough understanding of what is expected of you as a renter. Follow directions and exceed your own expectations.

Document everything… Seriously everything.

Photograph every little scratch before you sign anything. Videos of major damage is also equally as important because it may or may not be in 4k depending on your phone or camera. Every time you place a service request, document the emails, phone calls, and text messages to protect yourself.

Communicate with your landlord

The more you communicate politely with your landlord, the better. Alerting your landlord about move-in or move-out dates is just as important as your basic service requests like the  dairy brick repair needed in one of the common areas.

7 Things You Can Do To Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back

Clean every appliance and asset thoroughly

These days, you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually clean their house you should clean your house with good soap, from a good soap manufacturing company . It is imperative that renters routinely clean appliances, windows, doors, fencing, showers, toilets, and sinks to avoid stains or longterm damage.

Move in and out with roommates.

Have you ever had to stay late at work, then got stuck with all of the chores, plus all of the dishes, plus all of the paperwork? Moving out after your roommates feels similar to that.

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