3 Boys + JetSki + Late Night + Columbia River = Problems and 2 Videos

The Scene

If you have ever been to Eastern Washington then you have experienced this type of weather.  The wind had been blowing all day through the canyon across the Columbia River creating huge waves and preventing us from playing in the water.  Our location on the Columbia is Lake Entiat Estates aka Sun Cove in Orondo WA not for from Chelan and Wenatchee.   After baking in the sun all day the water was calling us bad.  Sean Adams, Josh McCaver and I got the bright idea (most spurred on by Sean) that it was finally calm enough to do some tubing behind the Sea-Doo eventhough we could still see white caps in some places, the river is freezing cold and did I mention its 8 o’clock at night.

Goal was throw Josh into the River and then Sean


Video of Josh Rolling the Jet Ski – Aptly named “Climb on Straight”

…and then


Video of the Mayham that results in Sean bleeding


The Afterman and Sean is still bleeding


Whaaa Cmaaawn I’m Cold


Short Versions of Vids Above

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