Why You Should Send 50 DMs Every Day On Instagram

Why You Should Send 50 DMs Every Day On Instagram

Most of us use social media for our social lives. Facebook and Instagram keep us most entertained with Twitter leading the pack for breaking news and crazy viral moments. Even LinkedIn has joined in on the excitement empowering business professionals all over the world. Today we’re going to focus on the importance of why you should send 50 direct messages every day on Instagram.

Since the real estate industry has become so saturated, you’ve got to do something that separates you from the rest of the pack. The key to social media is relationship building and having meaningful conversations. It could range from selling houses to 18x25x1 air filter. The problem that does arise is how much time do you have to spend on these social media conversations.

Cracking each social media’s code is crucial to many of the biggest and best teams that exist today. The best way to leverage Instagram is to legitimately send 50 DMs to people per day. If you search through the comment sections of other agents and teams, you can come across premium leads. The best way to connect with them is simple, just say hello and encourage them to have a great week. You need to get on their radar and support their content in a way that isn’t creepy or weird, and not 100% about getting their money.

Since sales and lead generation is a pure numbers game, the more people you identify as potential clients the better. Adding people to your pipeline can only improve the likelihood that you end up gaining a client.

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