What Happens When MLS Goes Down? Rogue Agents!!!!

Rogue Agents Killin Paper Targets

It was a Friday afternoon slaving away in the real estate sweatshop when our local MLS (NWMLS for those that are local or out of area) went down for emergency maintenance.

One of our agents, Nate, had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to hit up a shooting range to shoot his first gun EVER. Being that he was a first time shooter, when the gentleman at the range pulled the guns out of the case Nate immediately turned white with nervousness and his palms became sweaty. Second thoughts? Perhaps. Earlier that Friday morning, Nate even tried to back out of going to the range.

However, with no access to the MLS, there was free time! Anton gathered Nate, Julian, and Michelle to take their frustrations to the local public shooting range at Norpoint Shooting Range located in the Smokey Point area of Arlington, WA.

It was a freakin blast!!!

The weapons of choice: Glock 9mm Compact, Springfield XD-9 9mm, and a beautiful stainless Colt 45.

Locked and loaded the Rogue Agents killed a bunch of paper targets. Transaction Coordinator, Michelle Lewton, whooped all the boys like lil school girls by beating them all in points.






See footage below and feel free to leave comments!













Michelle Wins!








Michelles Awesome Target!













Final Paper Target!



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