We Reward Our Team Members With M&M’s!!

That’s a lot of M&M’s…

We all know that our agents are the masters at multi-tasking whether it be answering calls and simultaneously write offers, or driving buyers to properties and blogging all at the same time. Whatever the case, there’s always a point in which an agent needs a helping hand.



In our particular story a Washington Real Estate Broker named Lance Van Winkle was on the road and not able to write up an addendum and submit it to his buyers in docusign.  In a slight panic he contacted, another member of RESG, our Director of Operations (or Director of World Domination as we like to call her), Michelle Lewton, and requested that she help him. Being that it was nearing 5pm and the end of the day Michelle jokingly suggested that if she do the work to help him he was required to bring her peanut M&M’s in return for payment.

About an hour later our agent, Lance, walks in with a grocery bag in hand. He plops out a rather large glass dish and sets it on the desk next to Michelle. She looks up and smiles in wonderment as to what he was going to pull out of the bag next.  Sure enough, Lance pulls out a HUGE bag of M&M’s, not just the regular size package but literally a large bag of peanut M&M’s, and dumps the whole thing into the glass container (pictured above). Not to mention he brought in 2 packages of Lindor truffles as well for Michelle’s other office mates, Erica (Online Marketing and Advertising Manager) and Jennifer (Transaction Coordinator). If you plan to market at trade shows then I recommend to visit trade show exhibits rental.

Needless to say, Michelle was able to execute Lance’s request in a timely fashion and in return we can’t help but love our agents, especially when they pay us in candy! 🙂


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