Lake Tye Wakeboarding Park Could Impact Monroe WA Real Estate Values

Will Wakeboarding Impact Monroe’s Real Estate Values?

The City Council in Monroe approved a wakeboarding park on Lake Tye in a 4-3 decision.  The development, which still needs to submit a contract and agreement addressing liability issues, has some Residents are worried about damage to the lake and Monroe real estate values of nearby properties.  But the developer H30 has insisted that wakeboarding is a safe sport and that they plan to take all the necessary precautions to protect properties and the environment.

With the approval, managers of H3O now plan to conduct necessary surveys and an environmental study. The reports will help answer issues addressed by Cudaback and other opponents, who are concerned about liability, parking problems and noise created by the wakeboarding park.

“We are moving forward to educate people to understand (wakeboarding),” said Greg Dick, one of the two managers of H3O.

Nine people spoke against the wakeboarding park saying it would disrupt the tranquility and other activities of the lake. One of them was student Krystal Shaver, 29, of Snohomish.

“This is one of the biggest mistakes ever made,” she said after the meeting.

Some opponents suggest that wakeboarding, which is a water sport that relies on the generation of large waves, will disrupt the delicate ecology of the lake, erode the shoreline and even cause pollution.  According to a report released by a Canadian agency, wakeboarding can spill sediment into lakes which clog or scratch fish gills and suffocate fish eggs.  However, there are precautions a developer can take to prevent damage such as restricting wakeboarding to a considerable distance from the shoreline so that waves lose their energy before reaching shore.

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