Use Quality Photos To Showcase Your Opportunities

Use Quality Photos To Showcase Your Opportunities

It is really no surprise that the real estate industry has become oversaturated with lower quality content and social media posts. Typically, companies love to create graphics with information and a photo, but those images don’t perform well on social media.

Unless you’re going to forcefully spend good money on targeted advertising, the best way you can leverage social media is creating quality content that will perform well organically. There are a few different ways we recommend using social media when it comes to Real Estate. Today we’re going to focus on improving one of the ways we leverage the platform, better photos.

As an agent, you have to find a way to showcase the home in the best way possible.

It’s truly as simple as using your iPhone or even another Samsung phone. If you can’t afford to pay for an official photographer with experience, do your best to find examples of good content and recreate them using your phone and some mild editing.

Agents should try to create at least 5-7 photos at the home, then post 1-2 pieces of real estate specific content each day on social media. This content should be integrated with local news, national news, and trending topics that relate to the industry.

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