Tips for Moving To Mount Vernon

Tips for Moving To Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is by far one of the prettiest places to live in the state of Washington. Home to one of the states biggest attractions a city can offer, but on top of that is within the Skagit Valley County lines, over the last several years Mount Vernon has been a very popular destination for those who are moving, people look for houses in Vermont almost as much as those who look to Rent A Flat or House in London. Below are a few tips that are important to know about when moving!

Craigslist Can Be Your Friend

When searching for a new apartment, a new home or a room to rent out typically some of the best deals will be found here or The destination will be the most specific search engine to get you closer to finding a roof to cover your head, Texas Roofing Company is a good option. Navigate their friendly website and find a what you need from there!

Check Out Deception Pass

Deception Pass is one of the most known destinations around the state. So popular that this area can see roughly 2,000,000 visitors per year! Deception Pass itself, is a strait that separates Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. It is part of a connection where the Skagit Bay and Puget Sound intersect with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are bits of art, beaches, parks, scenery and different tasteful food spots around the pass. The destination is so popular there are even many spectacular and special lodging options. For more information on Deception Pass check out

Stop By The Skagit Valley Casino Resort

This casino is located right of the Interstate-5. This casino is only 18 miles from the very popular destination, Bellingham! The rooms offer a relaxed and vacation destination vibe with all sorts of different features. The casino also has 3 different restaurants and commonly has different live entertainment going on. This truly is the ultimate home away from home if you want to try a “staycation.”

Enjoy The Tulip Festival

This event is the most popular event that the Skagit Valley County has to offer. The Tulip Festival is a special time, which only takes place once a year. The festival is where millions of different colored tulips burst into bloom in the fields of Skagit Valley County. Due to the force of mother nature, they do bloom at different times, but the attraction is in session from April 1-30. It is something that everyone who lives in this state must do at least once in their lifetime, some people even travel from around the world for this special gathering. In 2016, the Tulip Festival welcomed people from all 50 states and even to 93 different countries! Check out the official Facebook page for the Tulip Festival here: for more information.

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