Three Reasons Why Washington Is A Great Place To Call Home

Washington State

3 Reasons Washington Rocks


According to MoneyRates, Washington state is the #2 best place in the nation to make a living, right behind Illinois.  What makes Washington so great?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Washingtonians make more money than other Americans. With an average income of $41,455.73, Washington’s residents are compensated more for their work, and by extension have more cash to spend on housing, food and other expenses.
  2. Washington has no state income tax so the state’s citizens are able to take more of their income home with them instead of feeding their hard earned dollars to the state treasury. The lack of an income tax was cited as one of the most important elements in determining how much income residents in different states actually took home with them.
  3. While the cost of living in Washington is higher than the national average, homeowners here have had the pleasure of buying property that tends to keep its value. The state’s beauty, strong industry and stable business sector helps to keep property values from falling too low, even during recessions as big as the one we’re experiencing. The good news for Washington’s residents is that they most likely won’t experience the “Detroit Syndrome” where properties are simply abandoned because their value has become so low it’s cheaper to dump them.
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