The One Thing – Focus On It [Video]

What is the One Thing you should be doing in your life right now? The thing that would make the biggest impact. The thing with the most ROI or ROT, those are return on investment or return on time. What is the One Thing, that if you did that One Thing then all other things would become easier or unnecessary? Are you focusing on the right things? Focus on the 20% that matters. Prioritize your life and get things done. This can be applied in many areas of your life to your spiritual, mental / mindset, family, physical and or financial.

The One Thing – Focus On It Video:

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone. Anton Stetner here, with the Real Estate Solutions Group.
Hey, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk with you guys about The One
Thing, and let’s really focus on it. We just got back from Mad,e It camp,
which is one of Keller Williams’ big events where all the top producers get
together and talk. Gary spent a little time talking about this. I guess
they’re going to be coming out with a book called “The One Thing”. The One
Thing is that one thing if you did it, everything else would become easier
or unnecessary. So, let’s start to think about it. What is our One Thing?
How do we focus on it?

We’ll start with the 80/20 principal. We know that 20% of our activities
produce 80% of our results. What that means is that a very small section of
what we do, creates all the results and everything that happens. So, focus
on the 20%, the amount that creates the productivity. The next thing that
we should do is let’s talk about prioritizing. Let’s sit down and make a
list of everything that we need to do. Decide what not to do. In other
words, what are things that are on the list that shouldn’t be done. Some
things should never be on your list, and some things are never going to get
done. It’s okay.

What can be delegated off of that list? Who could we give it to someone
else? Pick the one thing that will have the biggest impact, or the most
ROI, or a return on time. Once again, The One Thing is if you did it,
everything else would become easier or unnecessary. Let’s then decide to do
our One Thing first. We want to try and do it early. We want to do it
before everything else. Remember, the world starts at noon. So, let’s get
this done between 8:30, 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. Make sure you’re
getting your most productive activity done before then.

We can also apply this into all areas of our lives. Let’s be thinking about
spiritual, mental, our family, our physical, our financial. What is our One
Thing that we can do in our spiritual life that would make the greatest
impact. In our mental or mindset is what I’m specifically referring to in
the mental. With our family, what’s the One Thing we can do with our family
that would make a great impact. In our physical life, be that eating
habits, working out, or maybe just sleeping more. What’s going to have the
biggest impact in our financial future: be it investing, be it saving more
money, spending less time working.

Anyway, each of us needs to decide what our One Thing is that’s going to
make the biggest difference in our lives. Then we need to put the time,
effort, and energy forward to make that One Thing happen. I’m Anton Stetner
with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Subscribe above. Comment below. We’ll
update you as we go. Thanks.

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