Indoor Skydiving in Seattle for Me Birthday [video]

Our Mini Adrenalin Adventure was planned

Me Indoor Skydiving in SeattleMy wife decided that for my birthday the family and some friends were going to do some indoor skydiving in Seattle after having an incredible party where she was going to wear a lime green tutu.  Our youngest Gabe of coarse is only 2 years old so he couldn’t do it but I was really curious to see if our 5 year old Isaiah could muster up the courage.  Well he did and I think that was almost the best part of this adventure.  Watching him float in that windy huge vertical tube was awesome.  Freaking, fabulous fun is what it was.
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How Could Washington State’s Tourism Board Closure Impact Real Estate?

Washington State is standing out, and not in a good way, as the only state in the country that has axed its state Tourism Board. On June 30, 2011, the state cut the state tourism budget to $0, effectively shutting down the office and leaving many to wonder just what type of long-term impact this will have on the state. Many state tourism offices in the country are betting that Washington will regret its decision in the long run.
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