How Staging A Home Helps it to Sell Faster [Video]

If you are trying to sell your home, there are companies that buy houses, however, presentation can make all the difference. You always hear about “location, location, location,” but no matter where your house is, if it’s messy, cluttered or if you have your kitchen set up as a home office, it just isn’t going to sell. Staging is an integral part of selling. Furniture that makes the home look spacious and comfortable is what you need to consider. Depending upon your budget, you can go for reproduction antiques (newly made items that are created with the look and feel of antiques) or the real deal. Actual Chinese antiques are going to increase your budget, but if you have the money, at least spring for a few real antiques. Pick one or two major focal items and go from there. For example, you could buy an antique armoire or dressing cabinet, and based on its style and coloring, you could add reproduction pieces to the room to finish off the look.An antique vanity or a reproduction vanity would be a good addition to a corner of your bedroom. A small Tibetan square table or two could act as bedside tables or night stands. Add some Buddhist statues and artwork to put some finishing touches on the antique look of your bedroom. Here you can buy a antique bedside tables.

Here’s one of the main reasons we’re going to need a lot of staging. We’ve
got so many big and open spaces. Here’s our formal living room. Over here
we’ve got a huge formal dining, and we’ve already started to put a bunch of
furniture here into this giant master.

Go to a furniture showroom and look for something that might fit the bill. When the furniture is new, and matches the place nicely, a person can tell and will make a note which should positively impact their decision.
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