Who Will Really Benefit From The Foreclosure Settlement?

As the general public learns more details of the $26 billion foreclosure settlement between the five largest mortgage lenders and the state’s attorneys general, many homeowners are becoming disgruntled.  While the foreclosure settlement touts that it will slash the mortgage principal of nearly 1 million homeowners, many homeowners say that’s not enough.  The numbers of homeowners who may receive help is only a fraction of the 11 million homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages.
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Robo Signing Mortgage Settlement Means Rising WA Foreclosures [video]

The state Attorney Generals have a reached a settlement over alleged improper foreclosure practices aka Robo Siging.  This $25 Billion Dollar settlement with the 5 major banks means that foreclosure will rise in Washington State. Check out the video below!!! Read more