REO Warrior!!! Real Estate at Another Level!!! [Video]

A cool video of our REO agents heading out to properties to examine, take pictures, and secure the property. This video features our newest WA Real Estate Agent extraordinaire, Julian Travis.
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Cascade Bank Sinking A Little Slower?

Cascade BankCascade Bank aka Cascade Financial Corp. of Everett, which was purchased by Opus this past fall, has reported a quarterly loss of $3.3 million as of March 31st; but that’s a significant decrease from the $8.6 million it lost a year ago.

Like many banks in Snohomish County, Cascade was hit hard by loan losses, mostly from loans to developers and home builders. Cascade had set aside $2.6 million for losses during the last quarter, a 54 percent decrease from the previous quarter, the company reported Tuesday. Its net charge off for bad loans was $2.9 million, a 51 percent drop. . Read more