Dispelling 5 Myths About Real Estate To New Agents

Dispelling 5 Myths About Real Estate To New Agents

In the world of real estate, you find yourself running into a lot of armchair experts. With the endless facets of the internet, a little research makes a professional in the eyes of many adults. The same could be said of  the new real estate agent entering the field each day. Unsubstantiated expectations and assumptions about this career often make-or-break new listing agents.

What can you do as an individual, when faced with the daunting task of finding a new home for you and your loved ones. You can visit Lowcountry Real Estate if you would like to find a well-established real estate agency, for starters. They have been around for long enough you wouldn’t have to deal with any misconceptions whatsoever. An excellent safe bet.

With that being said, there is also the matter of understanding how real estate is looking these days. You need to have information to use on your own as well. As such, it is time to clear the air, so that people know what to look for.  For this reason, we’ve lined up five myths about this career that we feel need immediate dispelling.  When we buy a property at a discount, some of the tasks associated with that investment are: rehabbing it; making sure the loan is in place; following through with the loan officer; following through with the agent; removing contingencies; and so on. All of that is a lot of work. Just completing one transaction like that per month is a lot of work. You have to have the right infrastructure in place to make sure these jobs get done properly, Get More Info here about estate planning.

A crucial part of this infrastructure includes a tracking system. This system makes sure that after you’ve acquired properties and begun the rehab process that you will be able to monitor everything that is going on with the house. That way, when you’re out looking for other properties, you will have all the information on the properties currently under renovation so that you as a real estate agent can keep all necessary parties up to speed. Without this, you risk dropping the ball. We have dropped the ball and we’ve learned from our mistakes. However you decide to set up your system, having it in place before you get flooded with inventory will help immensely. Because — if you design your business correctly — you will be flooded with inventory.


A pitfall many new agents fall into is the belief that this line of work is the fast-track to riches galore. Not necessarily true. A property lawyer vancouver professes that when you’re a professional of the real estate variety, you put the needs of your clients well-above your own. This means when preparing, and selling a home, often there are costs that you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Coming into the world of real estate with a small savings account and a get-rich-quick mentality can lead to a real-quick failure.

Flip Every House

Though reality television has given the impression that flipping houses like a madman is the secret to financial success—they’re wrong. True value and profit come from renting a home out to tenants for a long period of time. Holding on to a piece of property while tenants are literally working to pay-off your mortgage until the market is in the right place is probably the smartest move. More often than not those that sold a house over a decade or two ago experience severe “seller’s remorse.” Want to do investment but have no idea contact investir au usa for  great investment advice.

Being A Landlord Is A Full-Time Job

In the past having to collect rent, find and screen tenants, and handle maintenance was admittedly pretty demanding work. But with the wonderful innovations of the internet and software, most of these processes can be handled from the convenience of your home. This means people are now able to maintain the position of landlord across several homes, at either part or full-time.

Non-Traditional Work Schedule

Any job that you don’t clock in to typically requires as much from you as you’re able to give. Just because you walk, and talk like a real estate agent doesn’t mean you’re putting in the extra hours. Working a job that has something you could be doing towards it at all times can be daunting. Planning out specific times throughout your day devoted to sending emails, grinding towards making your first million dollars. Ironclad accountability and drive are the keys to success in finding the right groove of working non-traditional hours to build your business.

The Market Is Always Booming

The real estate agent market fluctuates, greatly. It’s operating both cyclically, and seasonally. When it’s good, it’s very good, and when it’s bad…you get the idea. Undeniably it will be slow in Q1 and Q3, and hot in Q2 and Q4. The biggest misconception about the real estate market is that anything can happen fast; it’s all slow. Things can feel amazing that’s happening quickly that is actually hurting you, and vice versa for when you feel like you’ve been on a losing streak. You might actually be on the upswing.

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Use These 4 Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem More Spacious

Use These 4 Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem More Spacious

Whether you’re in the confines of apartment-land or moving to a smaller home, making the most of a small space is a recurring theme. Especially within the world of year-long leases, you’re hard-pressed to find a kitchen with much more than a single block of counter-space, one that comes with great clé subway tile backsplash. Not to mention the rise of micro-studios that don’t have more than a kitchenette! We’ve gathered four tips we’ve read on this page and found useful for navigating the trials of small spaces. At Bradco Kitchens and Baths there is something for everyone. Whether you have  traditional or contemporary taste or are working with a small or large budget, our professional designers will tailor your kitchen to fit your style and your wallet. At Bradco Kitchen & Bath there is something for everyone, Whether you have traditional or contemporary taste or are working with a small or large budget, our professional designers will tailor your kitchen to fit your style. Our detailed guide about the knives will offer and help you choose the best made chef knives, our reviews will guide you to pick the best model. Far, far away in the land that bobbed in and out of view depending upon the sea mist, deep within the forest lived a woodcutter. All his life he had lived in the forest and had learned from his father the ways of the trees. As a boy he spent from dawn to dusk with his father who showed him how to tend the young saplings. and as he grew older the young trees grew into fine, strong, upright boughs that soared upwards to reach the sun. When the trees had grown tall, he learned from his father how to fell the trees to make a house and to carve fine furniture, but always they replanted fresh young saplings to replace the trees they cut down. The according to Woodcutter HQ learned to respect the trees for their beauty and for the livelihood they offered. His father also taught him to grow and tend vines, and he marvelled at how different each one was. There was ivy growing all over their wooden house and grapevines growing in rows beneath the hot sun. He learned to pick the ripe fruit from the vines, and as the sun went down, his father would laugh as he pulled off his socks and began to stomp on the fruit until it was ready to make into wine. Life was good for the young woodcutter and his father. One day when they were deep within the forest, a storm came upon them and darkness fell. The young woodcutter was not afraid as he followed his father, but in the dim light they lost their way. “Where are we?” he asked his father, but the old man looked uncertain. “It must be this way,” he said, ploughing through the branches in the dimness. But as the forest became thicker and the darkness grew, his father said, “Let’s rest here until the clouds pass.”

What Can Go On The Wall?

Ratchet cable cutters is the best tool we’ve found for creating more space in a cozier kitchen. Newcastle home builder build a few shelves, racks, and hooks into the walls of your space will eliminate an immense amount of clutter from your limited drawer, and existing shelf space, if you are not feeling creative to do it yourself you can always find a tradesman to help you. Organization is a key component to this mentality.

Using pvc walls to build your new project can help you avoid leakage, and other problems. You should always choose the best quality materials.

More organization of things in a small space equals significantly less physical and visual clutter.You can also place the knife set in the rack.The knife is probably the single most important tool in any kitchen. There are many different types of knives each serving a different purpose from the preparation of meals to the actual eating. There are several ways of choosing the knife sets for the kitchen that suit you best. It is fairly easy to do so and all you need is a pencil and paper to list down the different types of knives as well as your budget.

Typical kitchen tasks can range from chopping fresh vegetables, cleaning fish, slicing fish fillet and gleaning bones of meat. You will usually need knives that have narrow blades if the goal is boning and cleaning, for slicing you need longer blade knives, for chopping and peeling you will need smaller and shorter blades. Many knife sets will include knives that are designed for slicing cake or bread. These knives will usually be serrated. You should not forget to factor steak knives in a knife set as these will be important when you are hosting guests for barbecue.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen now it should be the time with Home Renos that can be done within your budget and on time with Do It All Contracting so, don’t wait any longer and make it come true.

When buying knife sets for the kitchen, you will notice that some sets include knives that you would probably rarely or never use. So you could end up paying for expensive knife sets that include many knives whereas you could pay much less for a simple knife set or by buying individual knives separately thus building your own knife set. And when it comes to knives, the more you use them, the longer they last – rarely used knives succumb to the elements of wear and tear faster than the ones used regularly.

When choosing knife sets for the kitchen buy knives from There knives are made from steel with high-carbon content as opposed to stainless steel. This is because knives of high-carbon steel tend to remain sharper for longer. The flip side though is that they accumulate rust easier though how well you care for the knife is the more significant contributor to rust formation.

What Can Just, Go?

Don’t overstuff your small room that requires space for regular movement! If you’re moving into an apartment, or from a larger home to a smaller one, think about everything that can go. Keeping a minimal, yet effective collection of cookware or even lavatory supplies will maximize space definitely. If it’s your personal kitchen, narrow it down to two of everything! Two of every silverware, plate, bowl, dish, so that you always have a clean one in rotation. Though it requires slightly more regular maintenance, minimizing the amount of stuff you’re trying to cram into a smaller space, try not to have way to much ornaments on the floor, they can take away the beauty of it, try using the XayGun kitchens they will give you a hand to make your kitchen a great unique space without doing much effort. 

No Dishwasher? No Countertop? Customize!

A huge complaint from younger tenants in older buildings is the lack of a dishwasher. A lot of the time an older apartment building, or home won’t come equipped with even a pull-down sprayer on the kitchen sink. You can change this! Installing a pull-down sprayer with two different spray settings can make the chore of doing your dishes by hand much less of a woe, and you can add all this when remodeling your kitchen, with resources you can find at sites like Just make sure to swap it back out before you move to not violate any rental agreements!

If you have space for something more drastic, there are several portable dishwashers that come in all sizes from countertop models to butcher-block-top styles that can double as counter space! You can also contact a professional for Appliance repair for tips. These nifty things need not much more than a sink and an outlet to plug into to get your dishes squeaky clean.

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Real Estate Solutions Group aka RESG is Washington’s most innovative real estate team, browse this site exceed your expectations in terms of quality, dependability, and service delivery right from day one. Serving the greater Seattle Metro for luxury homes, residential home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors, new construction, land, and land development.

4 Tips For Moving To Seattle

4 Tips For Moving To Seattle

Moving to a new city is difficult, let alone one that is on such an economic and technological boom such as Seattle. Many people are moving here with the help of Big T Moving & Delivery and to the surrounding areas for tech and engineering work, among others.

There’s always the possibility of doing the opposite as well. Perhaps instead of moving to a big city, you want to look at country club properties for sale? They might not be as far out of the city as you think. For many it’s quite stress inducing to be right in the middle of the busy city. Keep in mind that there are options if this sounds like you.

The problem is there’s no space for us all, even though we all work within the city! There are ways though to find an affordable home within easy reach of the downtown or metropolitan area! Moving houses can be stressful, but the moving company dublin offer all the necessary services to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. Here are 4 tips we came up with to keep it easier for you to move to Seattle with the help of and start your new job, and your new life!

Public Transit Is Your Friend!

Many areas on the north end of Seattle offer reliable public transportation to downtown, or even the airport, or Kent! Areas we do business in such as Everett, Bothell, Lynnwood, and Edmonds (to name a few) all offer quiet, and serene home-lives, while still always having a bus stop nearby. Considering moving where you can park your car at a park & ride, or simply walk to a bus stop to get to work, contact the company at and get the place that fits you, this will save you a lot of money! Especially if the rent is a little steep!

Consider getting an ORCA card on a fixed monthly rate.

Make Sure Everything is Clean Before Moving In!

There is an ongoing global pandemic, and you can never be too careful. Seattle is a big city with a large population, so special attention is required. If you have found your home or apartment and are ready to move in, then I suggest you hire disinfecting services to come into the property to thoroughly and properly clear it of the virus before you come in. Moving should be a happy occasion, to be celebrated; with this small security measure ahead of time you can but guarantee that will be the case.

Maintain Financial Responsibility And Budget!

If you’re just moving to Seattle from out of the country potentially we recommend to hire a professional moving service for the heavy stuff, a standard pool table can weigh from 130 to 400 kg and can be hard to move by yourself. renting may be your only option at present. But if you’re trying to buy a home within a couple years of first moving to America you can build your credit quick! If you maintain a balance utilizing 30% of your total lines of credit, and set up auto-pay your credit will skyrocket! Especially if you have a family member already in the States that can authorize you on their existing account! Follow these steps and your credit will improve to where your chances of getting a home loan will dramatically improve.

Hire Professional Movers!

Once you have found and acquired the property you will need to move. The safest and quickest way to do so is to hire a professional moving company. If you do so they will be able to take care of this for you, while you focus on other things like any remaining paperwork from the purchase, or establishing utilities in your new home. And now, for the best perk: you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself. That’s a worthwhile investment for sure!

Actually, Shang Rong International Movers Singapore have  a team of well trained surveyors to handle any moving case to offer assurance and peace of mind with the highest service standards.

Stay Diligent In Your Search!

The housing market moves fast in Seattle as many people are realizing what a lucrative and gorgeous this area is to live. Don’t be discouraged though! Staying up-to-date with our site and utilizing our mailing list options to stay informed when a relevant property goes up for sale or lease is not going to hurt you. The more attuned you remain to the local housing market in your day-to-day the higher your chances will be of seeing something first.

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Real Estate Solutions Group aka RESG is Washington’s most innovative real estate team. Serving the greater Seattle Metro for luxury homes, residential home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors, new construction, land, and land development.

How To Maximize Instagram For Real Estate In 2018

How To Maximize Instagram In 2018

The Keller Williams brand is an award-winning company that has repeatedly been one of the premier real estate brands in the world. The company supports agents all across the United States with content that is meant to educate people everywhere. Social media is always changing and it is incredibly important to stay on top of each social network’s trends. This means doing research to find out what works for other agents and companies. To help our fellow real estate professionals out, we’ve created a list of things you should do to support your real estate efforts on Instagram.

  1. Utilize quality photographs, videos, and make sure to accurately describe each home.
  2. Share photos of the inside of the home often to keep people updated on key details for specific properties and neighborhoods.
  3. Utilize your phone’s video camera to do live-streams and walk-throughs of homes. Make sure to share this story your story, then save the video and upload to Youtube!
  4. Utilize your phone to create video and share live-streams that share information about the local community. Become the expert for your neighborhood!
  5. Utilize Instagram paid adverting to direct target market consumers. Reach out to RESG for more information about Facebook’s adverting platform for Instagram, plus find out how you can feed off of their advanced demographic targeting to find the right buyers, sellers, and other people on Instagram.
  6. Use Instagram Feed & Story to share client experiences and testimonials.
  7. Create dedicated storylines for short video listings or hire a videographer.
  8. Use Boomerang clips to show products, highlight services, feature homes and more.
  9. Save your posts and upload directly to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
  10. Live-stream in the early morning w/ posts following the rest of the day.
  11. Use 20 different hashtags that are centered around your brand, neighborhood, city, industry, and the featured content.
  12. Engage with consumers that are actively commenting on properties in your great city, state, and region.

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