4 Tips For Hosting A Successful Open House

4 Tips For Hosting A Successful Open House

You’ve made the home you’re about to sell on TheAdvisory look near-immaculate. You’ve catered to every nook and cranny of the property to make sure it’s in pristine viewing condition. But this isn’t enough. Neither is making a delicious spread of finger food. Several conditions need to be considered and met to walk away from your open house with a lengthy list of prospective buyers.

We’re not saying you need to beat a dead horse over details, but keep in mind people often get hung up in aesthetics. Aside from the obvious like the aaa heating ac repairs and the kitchen remodels, there are several other steps to making this a fruitful endeavor on your behalf as the agent hosting the open house. Here are four useful tips we believe will elevate your open house hosting experience as a new agent.


As with any event in the current digital time we live in, marketing through several avenues is vital. In order to grab the attention of several prospective buyers, you need to list your open house on every major social media platform. Advertise through larger websites such as Zillow, and set up targeted ads on Facebook. The more spaces you fill with your listing that more opportunities people will remember to come, so is important your website looks great and you can get this from sites as that offer these services. Diversify your listings on different media outlets with short videos, photos, and other related content.

Coordinating with other agents in the area could also prove useful. Teaming up for an “open house weekend” can also garner attention to your open house. Timing your event with another local gathering, business opening, or the like can also bring attention to your open house; there’s no shame in cross-promotion! Maybe you could partner with a local business even! Nothing can hurt to spread the word of the beautiful home you’re showing.

Take Safety into Consideration

A lot of people will be gathering throughout the day at your open house. A lot of people will be rotating as people come and go as well. As such, safety is important. A house just a bit more packed than normal means accidents can happen or certain things can go wrong. You’ll want to make sure you have a fire extinguisher for each area of the house. You have to be able to get to it quickly, so you’ll want to have one per floor at the very least. Consider getting more if the house is large enough, or certain places are sectioned off.

Don’t Go Alone

As previously mentioned, hailing the assistance of a fellow agent to offer safety in numbers during the showing can help immensely. Unfortunately, it’s worth mentioning the dangers that can befall you sitting alone in a house inviting in strangers. Aside from that, it also helps to have another set of hands on the job with you. Bringing in a trusted lender can also prove useful to further educate prospective buyers on lending options and help seal the deal on-the-spot. 2nd Chance experts will help you and ensure great prices without the traditional selling hassles.

Easy Contact Info Gathering

Going the old pencil and paper route can never steer you wrong. But with the technology available today, it serves to think of more inventive solutions to taking down contact info. Make it quick and easy for people to sign in to the open house. Having an iPad or tablet ready for people to enter their contact info into can expedite the process, and make you look more professional and tech savvy. The most obnoxious remorse comes from a bubbly conversation with a potential buyer that you can’t remember the name and email for after you forgot to write it down. In case that these is something in the house that needs fixing you can contact a top contractor that has been one of Cape Town’s top contractors for over a decade

Invite The Neighbors In

Open houses have the tendency to draw in nosy neighbors who’ve been dying to set foot in a newly remodeled kitchen. It serves to cater somewhat to this crowd as they are potentially going to tell their friends about a nice home on their block. People tend to want to move their friends in to close proximity to themselves (but not too close.) Just make sure to have your belongings in a separate room that’s locked with nyc locksmith  services. Certified or licensed emergency locksmith service providers can provide the right solution to your locking system issues. Queens emergency locksmith offer the most affordable and professional locksmith and security services. This will help to ease your worries about the possibility of dealing with mistakes that can be costly. Click here to get more great locksmith related content.

Holding a private showing an hour early of the actual one can create a sizable buzz in the local community. Those that come on “invite only” can feel like they hold special regard in their neighborhood, and will recommend it even further to friends and colleagues.

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Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Social media marketing hasn’t always been popular with marketers, particularly in the real estate industry. Because social media grew so quickly, many of the platforms developed a reputation for being an outlet that could be looked over. The stigma that money couldn’t really be made thanks to social media has done nothing but hurt business owners. Today we’re excited to take a look at some of the ways marketing on social media can improve your business, network, and relationships.

Increased Brand Recognition:Those who properly use social media end up reaping more benefits than likes, comments, and shares. When used right, your brand can connect to new people in meaningful ways thanks to social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is done best if you get good quality likes at for your social media videos. This not just gets the video on top of searches but also helps you explain to your customers the whole process or service you are offering in-depth, thus increasing the chances of making them your customers.

Improved brand loyalty: The people and brands who leverage social media to provide legitimate value to consumers are the ones who are truly winning. Brand loyalty comes from relationship building, consistency, product/service quality, and from frequent but not annoying communication.

More Opportunities to Convert: Most people don’t think about social media as a way to create new relationships or convert people into a sale. A comprehensive mindset needs to be established when it comes to social media. Marketing on social media is about networking and communication. Using images, videos, and content that is meant to connect people, it is the brand’s or agent’s job to interact with every comment, liker, sharer, and potentially even haters. It is your job to figure out what their needs and wants really are, plus you’ve got to be a solution for whatever their issue(s) are about.

Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

In an article about social media marketing on Forbes, we came across some valuable information.

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.

These two stats do more than indicate persuasive percentages. With so many marketers already utilizing social media marketing and the majority not knowing which is best for what, it is clear that there is much to learn and share inside and outside of the world of real estate.

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