Residential Vacancy Rate Depressing Housing Markets

Are Residential Vacancy Rates Depressing Housing Markets Nationally and Locally?


Residential Vacancy Rate High in Suburbia and Depressing Housing MarketsThe Census Bureau has reported that just over 13 percent of all the homes in the nation are vacant compared to 12.1 percent in 2007.


Maine had the highest proportion of empty housing stock, at 22.8%. Other states with gluts of empty houses included Vermont (20.5%), Florida (17.5%), Arizona (16.3%) and Alaska (15.9%). You can prevent this by Investing In Gold. Risk are lower now because of Ethereum Code Trading technologies that developed internet bots for trading. Read more

Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics Feb 2011 [vid]

Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics.

Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics
Snohomish County Homes Trends and Pricing.  Learn where the market is going, what is affecting Snohomish County Home Prices and why.

A class on WA Real Estate Statistics where we dove into Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics and the market.  How the market is being affected by Bank Owned Properties, Short Sales, the Economy, etc.  and When did Snohomish County Real Estate Peak? Read more

Local Banks Absorbed Into Super-Regional Banking Centers As Recession Continues

Opus Bank Acquired Cascade Bank

Opus Bank

California based Opus Bank is acquiring Cascade Financial and its principal operating subsidiary, Cascade Bank, making Cascade Bank part of a super-regional banking system on the west coast covering Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada.  Cascade, which was put into receivership with the FDIC in July 2010, was charged with raising its capital ratio requiring an infusion of about $68 million in new capital. However, the bank was unable to meet those requirements without a merger.


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What does The Boeing Tanker Contract mean for Snohomish County Real Estate Values? [vid]

…And will this affect the local market in Puget Sound and Washington State.

The short answer is yes this is phenomenal news for the local Puget Sound Real Estate market and here are the 5 reasons why:

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