Understanding the World of Washington REOs

Many would be investors eyeing the Washington REO market don’t understand how the industry works. If you want to try your hand at buying and selling REO’s there are a few things you should understand before taking the leap:



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B of A CEO Says Homes No Longer Assets

Bank of America

Bank of America Corp Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan is warning Americans against viewing their homes as long-term investments and urging them to instead view a home as a great place to live. As you continue to read this article think about what B of A’s CEO has said and then in the end I will offer a counter point to this argument. Read more

The Real Estate Gold Rush: Time To Buy Again?

Real Estate Gold Rush - Best New Asset ClassReal Estate is the United States Best New Asset Class

For the past few years we’ve bemoaned the housing bust, the credit crisis, toxic mortgages and the foreclosure onslaught. But at a time when unemployment has slowly begun to decline and consumer spending increase, there are some housing industry veterans putting their bets on a real estate gold rush. Is it time to buy now? Are we on the eve of another real estate recovery? Some say yes. Read more