Washington FHA Loan FAQs

Lately there has been more FHA Loan activity and with that came several recurring questions. Here is some very useful information to be aware of concerning short sales and FHA loan eligibility regarding Washington‘s FHA loans.  For more details, please give our lenders a call!



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Conforming Loan Limits Rise To Help WA REO Properties?

Conforming Loan Limits Beneficial to WA REO Distressed Properties?

There is a chance that an increase in some conforming loan limits in high-cost real estate markets could provide slightly more opportunities for REO investors purchasing high priced properties.  If conforming loan limits are increased, REO investors on the margins of the maximum limit may have an opportunity to access certain loans, giving them more financing options.


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A Healthy FHA Program Equals A Healthy Housing Market

The Federal Housing Administration has announced a sharp rise in delinquencies for FHA backed loans.  There had been some hope that the amount of delinquencies were on the decline earlier this year; but those hopes are being dashed as new numbers indicate that FHA delinquencies  have increased from 3.8 million to nearly 5.7 million.
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