Washington FHA Loan FAQs

Lately there has been more FHA Loan activity and with that came several recurring questions. Here is some very useful information to be aware of concerning short sales and FHA loan eligibility regarding Washington‘s FHA loans.  For more details, please give our lenders a call!



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How The Student Debt Bubble Harms The Housing Market And Graduates

More than half of students graduate with at least $25,000 in student loan debt and that’s not counting credit cards and other types of personal loans (like short-term payday loans).  The cumulative effect is that many graduates with student debts are delaying the purchase of their first home.  My concern here is that for Washington home sellers, because first time buyers have made up such a large percentage of the market.  But that’s only half of the story.  Oftentimes this delay is also caused by poor credit rating and underemployment due to student loan defaults. We have a solution and the solution is Debt Consolidation. you can click here and know more about debt consolidation.
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