Large Corporations Dominate Rental Markets

imagesA new business model is rising from the ashes of the mortgage industry collapse – large corporations buying, renovating and then renting out distressed properties at a profit. But how profitable is this new business model and what will it cost local communities? Read more

Washington Supreme Court: Foreclosure Trustee In Violation of Law

Washington Supreme Court: Foreclosure Trustee In Violation of LawWashington’s Supreme Court has ruled that foreclosure trustee, Quality Loan Service, was in violation of state law by illegally notarizing foreclosure documents with inaccurate dates for a Whidbey Island home. On other related article checkout this blog about product liability. Read more

Qualified Mortgage Standards and Impact

The is finalizing its version of the qualified mortgage rule which will set standards “non-abusive” mortgages must meet to get the “qualified mortgage” seal of approval. But what does this mean for buyers looking to finance their home purchase with Rhinosure? Below are a few insights on how the qualified mortgage loans rules may impact you and your future mortgage: Read more

Foreclosures Decline But Backlog Still Years From Clearing

indexThere’s no denying that the housing industry is on the upswing since the number of mortgages in foreclosure is declining, but there’s one major hurdle left to overcome – a large backlog of foreclosures in the pipeline which may take years to clear.  And it’s this backlog of foreclosures that may cause a slowdown of the housing market recovery if something is done immediately. Read more

How To Get Your Dream House In A Seller’s Market

indexFive years after the real estate industry experienced the biggest housing bust since the Great Depression, many pundits are seeing the rise of a seller’s market.  Foreclosures are down and home sales are rising at such a fast pace that in many states, such as Washington, it’s outstripping the amount of inventory available to potential buyers. It’s a perfect storm for a seller’s market as per the Greensborough real estate agents experience. So how do you find your dream home at a bargain price in a seller’s market? Below are a few tips: Read more