Tacoma Narrows and State Route 520 Toll Increases July 1st

Drivers using the Tacoma Narrows and State Route 520 bridges will pay a lot more for the privilege starting July 1, 2012. The new toll rates will change as follows:

Tacoma Narrows: The Good To Go! rate will increase from $2.75 to $4, cash tolls from $4 to $5 and Pay By Mail to $6, up from $5.50.

SR 520 bridge: Toll rates on the SR 520 bridge will increase 2.5 percent and continue to vary by time of day. The current peak Good To Go! rate of $3.50 will increase to $3.59, and the peak Pay By Mail rate of $5 will rise to $5.13. The toll increase affects all rate levels. Toll-rate schedules posted online.

The tolls increases are designed to help repay debt incurred when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was constructed and to fund other transportation projects such as the SR 520 floating bridge and repairs to the highway system. But some commuters may choose to reduce or eliminate travel on these toll roads because of the steep increases, especially those commuters who only use the toll roads sporadically. For individuals dependent on the toll roads to get to and from work, car pooling might be an alternative.

While sympathetic to the financial pain toll increases might cause commuters, Toll Division Director Craig Stone made it clear that the toll increases are necessary to continue timely debt payments.

“Debt payments are the single most important consideration when setting the new rates,” said Toll Division Director Craig Stone of the state Department of Transportation.


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