Social Media Tips For The Summer

Social Media Tips For The Summer

Social media is continuing to dominate the majority of people’s lives. Although the weather is getting nicer, I’ve even noticed my own usage increase. Summertime is just around the corner which means people are going to be moving around or looking ahead to the fall to get themselves set up. Also, we have to be aware of pests on this season and Franklin Tn Pest Control Service Contractor can tackle your pest problem better than anyone else.

Yes, they’re going to be at the beach or the river, but they’re also going to still be on social media the entire time. Assuming that you’ve already identified the types of people you’re hoping to attract, the next step is figuring out a way to connect with them on social media.

Where are these people at?

What do they consume online?

Posting and promoting different opportunities on the internet will only get you so far. Education and inspiration can also help. The key is building relationships and having impactful conversations.

How do you create more time for these higher value conversations and relationship opportunities?

You batch conversate and connect with people. Reach out to specific people and ask if there is anything you can do to help them with business or life. It might sound weird at first, but this is a crucial step to building a meaningful relationship. Spend the first hour or two of your day reaching out to people who are actively posting about things you relate to and that relate to your industry.

Offering your experience, your knowledge, your network, etc, is a way to show these people you care. That you’re not in it just for the quick listing or sale opportunity. This much effort actually allows you to gain trust and eventually can help you get referred to new business.

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