Snohomish County WA Residential Real Estate Statistics and Trends for January 2012 [Video]

Snohomish County Homes Real Estate Statistics and Trends.  Learn where the market is  going, what is affecting Snohomish County Home Prices and why. Is this a prime time to buy or sell? Find out what the numbers tell us!!!

A class on WA Real Estate Statistics  where we dove into Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics and the  market.  How the  market is being affected by Bank Owned Properties,  Short Sales,  the Economy, etc.  and When did Snohomish County Real  Estate Peak?

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Snohomish County WA Statistics and Trends Video:


Thanks everyone. This is Anton Stetner with the Real Estate Solutions Group. We’re going to talk about Snohomish County real estate statistics. What’s going on here in our first month of the year, January, 2012. Looking at our average price we’re down 9.7% when we take 2011 versus 2012, but sales are up 10.1%. I know a lot of the real estate agents locally we’ve been feeling that in the market. We’ve been fielding lots of multiple offer situations.

We’ve been seeing a lot of that lower inventory go away, but prices are actually still declining here. Bothell was down 6.2%. Lake Stevens was down 1.3%. That’s actually looking good there. Lynnwood down 7.2%. Everett down 1.7%, and we had some decimation here in Marysville. Look at that: down 25.4%.

Once again, we’re comparing January of 2012 in average price versus January of 2011. It will be interesting to see how the sales numbers and how the average prices go as the year comes along. It feels like we’re starting to slow down that trend that we were having in a downward direction. In other words, that bottom is feeling closer and closer right now,

In terms of inventory, we’re totally moving into a sellers’ market. We’re down to 5.4 months worth of inventory. Again, months worth of inventory, we can think about that as there are 5.4 sellers for every buyer, or if no new homes came on the market, it would take 5.4 months for us to sell through everything.

Another thing that’s very interesting too that’s also been indicative of the bottom is we’ve been seeing, under $400,000, we’ve been seeing upward pressure on pricing. Also, lots of the list to sales price ratios, and we break them out by $100,000 brackets, we’ve been seeing them hit 100%. What that means is if I put a house on the market for 300, I’m selling it for 300. So less inventory, upward pressure on pricing, high list to sales price ratios, very indicative of the bottom getting near.

Anyway, that’s our thoughts and comments. Anything that we can do to help you out with real estate here in Washington just let us know. Leave your thoughts and comments below. We’ll update you more as we go. Laters.



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