Snohomish County Home Values and Trends for MARCH 2012 [Video]

Snohomish County Homes Trends and Values.  Learn where the market is  going, what is affecting Snohomish County Home Prices and why. Should you buy or sell your home? Anton will help explain these numbers!!

This is a class on WA Real Estate Statistics  where we dove into Snohomish County Real Estate Statistics and the  market.  How the  market is being affected by Bank Owned PropertiesShort Sales,  the Economy, etc.  and When did Snohomish County Real  Estate Peak?

Snohomish County Graphs and Pictures Used for this Presentation:



Snohomish County WA Home Values and Trends Video:


Hey everyone, it’s Anton Stetner with the Real Estate Solutions Group here at Keller Williams Realty. We’re going to talk to you today about Snohomish County real estate statistics for good old March 2012. What’s been going on in the market? The market is on fire right now. We’ve got a lot of sizzle that’s been happening. What’s really interesting is it’s not totally showing up in the numbers yet, but I have a couple explanations for why that is and what’s really been going on.

So, year-to-date right now, we’re looking at sales. This is our sizzle that I’m talking about. Sales are up 15.7% versus this same time last year. So we’re getting a natural, not a natural rise, we’re getting a larger than usual rise in sales activity. Year-to-date, though, the average price is still down 7% here in Snohomish County, and the median being down 4%. What’s really interesting, though, and I know that we do this a lot and we talk about this, is that if we would have continued down this nice natural linear path making, let’s just say, 3% to 5% interest on a regular basis. Instead we went up. We’ve come down, but we’re starting to get out of this steep part and near the bottom. I mean it’s really starting to feel like the bottom right now.

Months of inventory, 3.1 months. Now that really means we’re dead into a seller’s market right now, and you’re starting to see that because you’re seeing multiple offers. You’re seeing lack of inventory. In turn, this is going to start to cause some price stabilization.


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    You guys rock.  This is great information and you present it very well, Anton.  Look forward to seeing this info on a regular basis.


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