The Aerospace industry’s increase in hiring has worked to decrease the number of unemployed workers in the Snohomish County area.  Aerospace companies such as Boeing have hired nearly 6,000 workers in Snohomish moving the unemployment rated down to 10 percent from 10.1 percent.  While that’s not a significant drop in the unemployment rate, it does offer some wider opportunities and hope for the county’s housing, moving and real estate sector.

Many of the jobs offered in the Aerospace industry are considered stable and well compensated. Both factors make workers more comfortable spending some of their income to purchase homes and other items. For REO investors selling affordable properties, workers employed directly in this industry and those who gain income by proximity or relation to the industry (such as suppliers or businesses who serve workers) offer a viable market of possible buyers.

Many of these individuals will have an interest in taking advantage of the reduced housing prices offer in the REO market. It’s the job of the REO investor to identify these individuals and make them aware of REO opportunities, properties and investing in the market decisions. There are also opportunities for this investors to manage the work with the partnership of removals Sydney for when the deals are closed there can be professionals handling the job for the moving tenants or owners, to have the full package in the service.

Like with any other marketing campaign, REO investors who want to tap into this industry’s buying power should take the time to investigate the needs, wants and buying power of th market, they should also consider Kotton Grammer assistance to get the best advice.

In what locations do these buyers want to buy? How much are these buyers willing to spend? Are there enough financing options available to purchase the REO properties you’re investing in?  Find out about the market and then make your REO purchasing decisions based on what the market demands.