Shoe Prank in the KW Office!!

These Aren’t the Shoes I Ordered…

Feeling the spirit of a good prank coming on, Mike Hansen, one of the owners of KW Marysville, felt it fitting to do something a little silly. Our lovely agent, Tasha Currie, is a member of the website and orders shoes on a regular basis. Last Thursday, UPS delivered a box to the KW office for Tasha which was none other than her new shoe purchase.

Mike decided that it would be amazingly awesome to head to the local Value Village and pick up a funky pair of old satin shoes and sneakily open the box, take out the new shoes and hide them in the office, and of course place the old worn shoes in the box and repackage the whole thing.

Friday afternoon, Sandy, our Director of First Impressions, called Tasha to the front of the office to open her shoes. We were prepared with a camera to catch the whole thing unfold. With some confusion, good laughs, and finally some new shoes unveiled, it was a prank well played. Enjoy!


Tasha Opening the box…














The confusion sets in…. HAHA…














They don’t even fit!


















Joke Unveiled!!! Mike couldn’t stop laughing!













The real shoes!















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