Seattle Real Estate Statistics for January 2012 [Video]

Seattle Home Trends and Values.  Learn where the market is  going, what is affecting King County Home Prices and why. Is now the time to buy or sell?

A class on WA Real Estate Statistics  where we dove into Seattle Real Estate Statistics and the  market.  How the  market is being affected by Bank Owned PropertiesShort Sales,  the Economy, etc.  and When did King County Real Estate Peak?

Seattle WA graphs and pictures used in this presentation:



Seattle WA Statistics and Trends Video:


Hey, it’s Anton Stetner with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Hey, thank you guys for stopping by for two seconds today. We’re going to talk about Seattle real estate statistics for January 2012.

Right now for Seattle, the average is . . . and this is just residential, by the way. Most of the time when we’re going through these stats, we’re talking strictly residential, not condo in particular. Anyway, the averages for January 2012, 3 bed, 1.95 bath, almost 2, and once again this is average, and the square footage was 1,998 square feet. The average sales price was $405,815. There were 278 units that sold for a total of $112.8 million, 56 days on the market.

So what does this really mean? I mean, who cares about all these numbers? It’s really interesting when we look at it relative to where it was. So if we go to January of 2012, January 2011, average price is down by 8.2%. Okay? The sales in units up by 20.7%. That’s created a huge jump in your number of units, and your days on market going down.

So once again, we still haven’t seen average price kind of bottom out, but we’ve been feeling that. And we’re getting that upward pressure that’s starting to happen on pricing because you’re seeing the number of units go up, you’re seeing the days on market go down, while inventory is decreasing.

Anyway, there’s our stats. If you guys have any questions, thoughts, or comments, leave them below. Send us an e-mail, phone call, smoke signal. My name’s Anton Stetner with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Thank you.

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