Redmond WA Listed in Best Small Cities to Live

Money Magazine made a list of America’s best small cities to live in and Redmond WA came in at #5 out of 100!!

With a population of 55,200 and the home to one of the largest companies in the world, Microsoft, life here is anything but a grind. Seattle sits just 15 miles to the west, the Cascade Mountains are a short drive to the east, and more than 90 wineries to the north. This basecamp for Microsoft makes for an even better home to explore the Northwest.

Redmond boasts plenty of historic buildings, quirky shops, eateries, and brewpubs mingled within beautiful condos and retail developments with public art and giant evergreens. The neighborhoods are picturesque, low crime rate, and stellar schools all attract much of the cities population. No wonder Redmond WA was listed #5 in the nation!


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