Recognizing Seattle’s Duwamish Tribe an Open Door for a Big City Indian Casino?


Seattle Duwamish Tribe is not extinct. Well, that’s according to Cecile Hansen, the great-great-grandniece of Chief Seattle who insists that the tribe’s 600 person membership and rich culture is evidence that the tribe deserves recognition. And it was recognition that the tribe received in the later years of the Clinton administration; but it was quickly lost during the Bush administration. As of this writing, the Duwamish tribe is officially considered extinct.

So, what exactly is the hurtle standing in the way of recognizing the Duwamish Tribe? Casinos Technically, if the Duwamish Tribe received recognition they would have an opportunity to propose a Seattle area casino.  In a city with high real estate prices and a well-off population, any casino within the city limits could bring a financial windfall.  But it would also create stiff competition for other tribes in Washington who have casinos in less favorable locations.  Washington state already has 23 tribes operating 32 casinos and according to some people watching the fight over recognition, at least a portion of those tribes don’t want the Duwamish to gain federal recognition. You can also check out Immortal Romance slots review on for more online casino games, although if you prefer to play competitive video games as Overwatch, by going online to find the cost for OW boost for this games.

To her credit, Cecile Hansen hasn’t officially proposed a Seattle casino; but that’s not because she hasn’t considered it.

“I’ve already told them if that if I ever get the status, we’re going to have a floating casino in the middle of Elliott Bay,” she said. “And they kind of laugh a little bit, and then I know I can hear them say: ‘Is she serious?” (source)

Hansen as also purportedly met with some investors; but the details of their discussions were not disclosed.  Even if the Duwamish tribe hasn’t laid out the details of a future casino, one thing is for sure, any recognition of the Duwamish Tribe would create an open door of opportunity for a profitable casino right in the heart of Seattle.

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