Real Estate Industry: Get a Freaking Password for Your Cell Phone!!! [video]

The Game of Real Estate has been changing.  Our industry has become mobile and on the go.  That means with all this extra technology means there are extra steps that have to be taken to protect the private information for our clients. Check out this cool morning meeting app

Yes you. You Washington Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Owners, Property Managers, Lenders, Loan Processors, Title and Escrow etc. GET A FREAKING PASSWORD for your cell phone. You are exposing your clients and yourself to potential liability because you are not protecting their personal information in your cell phone. We all know there are tons of it in their so just take 2 seconds to safe guard it. Mini rant about this one but please make it happen.

Yes You. Get a Password for your Freaking Phone:


Anton: Exactly. How many of your clients’ personal information is saved in your phone?

A: A lot.

Anton: Actually, I’ll even dial up with you back and forth. Oh, you already turned it off. Okay.

A: Yep.

Anton: Hey, what’s going on? It’s Anton Stetner again. I just want to share something with you I think is a freaking, blinding flash of the obvious. But what’s happening here inside of our good old industry of real estate is people aren’t doing this. So I’ve got my magic new phone right here, the Galaxy Nexus. Okay, look at that. See how it says password protected right there on the front. What people aren’t doing is they’re not password protecting their phones.

Come on, people. We password protect our computers, but if you’re in real estate,- I don’t care if you’re a lender, if you’re an agent, if you’re in property management, if you’re a broker, an owner, someone who’s in this business, you need a password on your phone.

Here’s why. You have personal information to all of your clients. You probably have their names, numbers, birthdays. You’ve got all these emails that you’ve given back and forth. It probably has contracts. What happens if there are Social Security numbers in there? What happens if it was a short sale and all their personal financials were emailed to the short sale negotiator, and someone got to your phone and now they have it?
Anyway, I think our industry is exposing everyone to liability by not having passwords on your phones, passwords on your computers. Guess what? It includes tablets too. Put your passwords on those also.

Every time I see you pick SEO Brisbane website, you’ve got four bajillion people’s information that you have some type of a relationship, fiduciary responsibility, or maybe an agency relationship that’s been created, you’ve got to protect it. Take two seconds, do that.

Thanks. Just wanted to let everyone know. Leave your comments below and get a freaking password. It’s Anton with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Later.

A: Freaking password. All right.


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