Puget Sound Summer Events!

Every summer it seems like there’s always an abundance of things to do, but where and when always seem to be the question. Never fear!!! The Real Estate Solutions Group has hunted down and posted what and where some of these summer events are taking place! So grab yourself, some friends, family, and maybe even a pet or two and head on down to one of the fun events this summer.

We have partnered with an event security company to provide security for the event, as we will be selling alcohol this time. Nothing to worry about, fun will still be had, but this is just an added security measure to keep the party going safely, and with the family environment we’re shooting for.

We will start the festivities by hosting an open talent show! People of all different ages will be able to step on up to one of the several portable stages we rented and set up around the festival, and show us their best! It should be a lot of fun. If the next person will be performing their act in a different stage we will let you know so we can gather around that one. This could save us some time with those that require a more intricate setup like music instruments for example. Looking forward to it!





Here are the happenings for the month of JULY!!

Below this calendar is another one with details for events all summer long! Peep it too! 🙂













Here is the list for events all summer long!

















If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them! 🙂

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