Assistant Team Leader

Make a six-figure income. Have a flexible schedule. Work in an energetic, team atmosphere. Find the best free training and support. Have a proven path for career growth.











This person is a top producer and has a track record of leadership. They have risen to the top of leadership positions in every area of their business, career, and personal life. They are dynamic, attractive, and highly impressive. They are highly assertive, passionate, people-oriented individuals who operate with high urgency.

They have strong communication skills and naturally connect with others. When people who know them describe them, they point to their energy and passion as their most dominant characteristics.

They are aligned with the Operating Principal’s (OP) vision for the Market Center and assist the Team Leader in leveraging the tools of the Growth Initiative to achieve set expectations through recruiting and retaining agents.

Their burning desire is to build the dominant real estate company in their market. They have a need to influence others. They can prove this through demonstrating where they have used influence to recruit agents to Keller Williams Realty and their previous companies. They possess a strong desire to have a position where they lead and influence others.
They naturally exhibit the WI4C2TS belief system in their dealings with others. They are natural leaders who embrace succeeding through others, bottom-up leadership, and building a team. They possess a track record of relationships. They view learning as the foundation of their action plan.

They have at least 2-3 years of real estate sales experience and are in the top 5% of their office. They understand basic financial reporting (e.g., P&Ls) and how to use these to make the right business decisions.

They have extremely high goals and are looking for a vehicle to achieve those goals.

What will you do?
These are the standards a well above average performer will maintain or exceed:
• Act as Team Leader in his/her absence, as required
• Assist in all aspects of Market Center management

Essential duties and responsibilities
• Work with Team Leader to recruit new talent
• Help share the Market Center’s value story
• Work with Team Leader to coach existing associates
• Manage staff to acceptable professionalism and job performance
• Assist or lead sales and business meetings
• Research competition and help develop business prospecting and marketing strategies to successfully compete in market

• Staff – To set goals, plans, work on projects and tasks – daily
• Sales Associates – Set goals, plans, train, develop careers – daily
• Team Leader – to coordinate efforts – daily
• Prospective Sales Associates –To join company – weekly
• Buyers/Sellers/Vendors – When problems arise – weekly
• Owner – Set branch goals, plans, monitor progress – monthly

Management Responsibilities
• Staff (Receptionist and MCA)
• Sales associates (50–100 people)

• Extraordinary people skills
• Leadership, management, team-building skills
• Goal setting, planning, accountability skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Proactive, positive attitude
• Above-average recruiting skills
• Career development and training skills
• Top producing sales success track record in recent past
• Real estate knowledge, experience, and skill
• Computer and MLS experience
• Track record of success in past jobs/tasks