Assistant MCA

Make a six-figure income. Have a flexible schedule. Work in an energetic, team atmosphere. Find the best free training and support. Have a proven path for career growth.











The Assistant MCA will be an individual that has moderate levels of assertiveness, sociability, and flexibility. They will not be a risk taker, but rather thorough and cautious in their actions/decisions with personal self-structure and a strong sense of urgency.

They will proactively handle challenging people/situations, and be accommodating with a supportive attitude. They will have persistence, strong follow-up skills, and comfort with routine. They must be relaxed, steady, and work with methodical pace while using proof/facts and a high level of objectivity/impartiality in their actions and decision-making. They must have the ability to work with facts and technical information, have a strong attention to detail, be cooperative, and work “by the book.” They must establish and nurture personal relationships and must be comfortable with personal conflict that may arise. The individual must be an independent decision maker, self-sufficient, and self-directed in their activities.

The Assistant MCA will assist the MCA in leveraging the Growth Initiative tools to share the Market Center’s achievements with staff and associates. They, and the other staff members will assist the MCA with driving retention of the 80 percent of associates that the Team Leader is not directly responsible for retaining.

The Assistant MCA must understand that to run effectively and efficiently, a Market Center must tend to its associates’ needs in such a way that they (the associates) are receiving the expected level of service and remain satisfied with the level of service provided by the Market Center. The Assistant MCA will be involved with clerical, administrative, agent associates, and managerial parties in an ongoing daily basis. They will also be tasked with supporting the MCA and agents.

They will leverage the Career Growth Initiative tools to assist the MCA in consulting with agents (the 80 percent of the Team Leader is not directly responsible for) to set their goals and direct them to productivity solutions. It will be important for the Assistant MCA to realize that the agent associate is the customer and as such they will be tasked on occasion with assisting the agent in other duties not specifically defined (intranet applications and usage, and other general computer-use needs). It will also be important that the Assistant MCA use a combination of persuasion/consultation, focused on forming a strong relationship in tandem with a regard to problem solving and, when dealing with agent issues, is focused on the problem solving and assessment of specific needs for that individual.

The Assistant MCA will have job-specific skills that minimally include experience in accurate banking and/or accounting services, computerized bookkeeping and general computer experience, and excellent administrative skills. They must be task oriented, detail oriented, calm under pressure with some project-management experience, general office skills, and purchasing knowledge.

What will you do?

• Act as MCA in their absence, as required
• Assist in all aspects of the Market Center financials
• Help to share Market Center value story.

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