National Mortgage Servicing Standard In The Pipeline?

National Mortgage Servicing Standard In The Pipeline?

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently met with the 14 mortgage servicers to discuss
consent orders and lay the groundwork for national mortgage servicing standards, standards which have
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The orders are meant to settle recent foreclosure investigations. According to the orders, servicers must retain an independent firm to review foreclosure actions pending between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010. The review will be conducted to determine any financial injury to borrowers caused by the errors,
misrepresentations or other deficiencies.

“I believe comprehensive mortgage servicing standards are necessary, and that the standards proposed by the OCC all make good sense,” Acting Comptroller of the Currency John Walsh said. “But they will change the servicing business in important ways, and it may be that some providers will decide that the high-volume, low-margin, technology-dependent model no longer works financially. If major players scale down or leave the business, how will that affect the mortgage markets and access to homeownership?”

Some in the mortgage industry fear that a scaled down mortgage servicing industry could also mean a flat lined housing market. Some mortgage industry experts argue that it is the economy of scale that has made it possible for the housing market to grow so profitable and that a smaller and leaner mortgage servicing industry could mean a longer time before we see any meaningful recovery in deflated housing prices. While it isn’t currently clear exactly what the proposed rules are, the new rule requiring mortgage servicers to provide homeowners with one contact person when they apply for mortgage modification programs is definitely a sign that regulators aim to banish the impersonal approach many servicers have taken towards homeowners. You can also get mortgages on these Austin, Tx Condomminiums, condos can sometime be cheaper then buying a house.


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