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Networking for real estate investments isn’t always easy. Most people aren’t extroverted and they usually don’t spend the time to put themselves in a position to meet new people. Building relationships and spending time unearthing opportunities takes time and a little bit of money. When it comes to networking into investments, you’ve got to prioritize creating new leads.

Over the years, we’ve tried just about everything in order to provide the most value to our clients. Investment opportunities within your own network can be incredibly valuable. As an agent or investor, the list below includes some of the ways a company can find new investment opportunities.

 Agents / Brokers: Connect with new agents and new brokers in your area. If you can help them somehow, they’ll be more inclined to call you for referrals or solutions.
 Attorneys: You might not be able to afford the best attorneys in your area so it’s important to know a wide variety. You never know when someone else’s knowledge of the law can help you.
 Tax, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate: People working through these scenarios are going through major change. If you can help lessen the workload, a strong relationship could be developed.
 Accountants: The people who manage your money, your business’s money, or someone who can oversee financials for various deals are very important.
 Insurance: Solutions-based people should have a huge network. Insurance is something that every citizen should have and many people in real estate are looking to save money on this expense in various ways.
 Banks: Pretty obvious that banks play a primary role in the success of a business.

Networking for investments in 2018 can be overwhelming to all types of agents and investors. One of the best ways people overcome those fears is by cold-calling friends and family for practice and for potential opportunities. As you begin rekindling friendships and creating new relationships, maintaining these conversations is relatively easy with the help of social media or your smartphone. Go and read here to learn more about investing.

 Investor Classes / Clubs: Search social media for investor classes being hosted by RESG, Keller Williams, or even at your local city meetup. You’d be surprised how much opportunity there really is on Facebook and Instagram.
 Ask every single person you know and meet
 All of the above has to be top of mind at all times!

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