Job Security At Boeing Good News For The Economy And Housing?

Boeing Blog Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief Jim Albaugh has offered encouraging words to Boeing’s 76,500 workers in the Puget Sound area, saying that their jobs are secure.

“Our issue is not going to be where you put work,” Albaugh said. “It’s going to be how can you find workers to support all the production that we have, whether that’s here or Charleston.”

Albaugh said Boeing will do less outsourcing of work in the future. And he confirmed that production work on the tail of the next model of the 787 Dreamliner will be brought back in-house to Seattle. In addition, Boeing plans to boost production of current jets by 40 percent at its Renton and Everett factories and stretch local resources to the limit.

If Albaugh’s projections are accurate, Boeing’s Puget Sound area workers could experience more job security than most of the country at a time when the recession which seems to have no end. With nearly 80,000 jobs secured, many workers may feel confident enough about their future finances that they will purchase a home, whether new or even in foreclosure. When you need security cameras on you home, visit Security Info for more information, consider cctv Melbourne they can create a high security solution. The trickle down effects of job stability in one of Washington’s most important industries could help elevate some of the pressure being felt on housing values and sales.  Will Boeing’s commitment to keeping jobs in Washington actually decrease the number of foreclosures we’re experiencing?  If not directly impacting foreclosures, the fact that so many workers feel secure in their jobs will no doubt impact the way they spend money. With more workers feeling confident to purchase goods and services, the flow of cash could help to bring an end to the recession in the Washington area faster than the rest of the country.

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