International Community School Is Certifiably Amazing

International Community School Is Certifiably Amazing

In one of our last blogs, we brought up the potential of finding a home in our great Snohomish County that is close to a reputable public school. Among the three we brought up, International Community School stood out the strongest. Voted #3 by US News, #35 in National rankings, with a college readiness score 98.4/100.0, ICS in Kirkland is top-notch. If your child shows strong signs of academic aptitude in elementary, then probably submitting an application to ICS would put them in the fast-lane to success.


ISC (founded in 1997) is a small 6-12th grade public school in the Lake Washington School District with about 60 students per grade. It’s part of a series of schools founded by Dr. Bruce Saari. “International” in the school’s name reflects an international focus in curriculum, though it’s not an international school in the usual sense. And as we mentioned, there is an application, but it pans out a little bit different. Visit Hoboken NJ Dog Walker when you want to walk your dog and you are busy at school.

All complete applications are entered into a lottery to select those who will be admitted. In the event that there is space available in excess of the applications submitted by in-district students, applications by out-of-district students are allowed. In recent years, there’ve been over 800 applications for the 65 or more spots available yielding a less than 10% chance for admittance. Utilizing a lottery to keep things exclusive, yet still fair is just an additionally intelligent aspect of this institution.

The Curriculum

ICS’s curriculum focuses on six core subjects—international studies, world languages, the arts, humanities, science, and math. This integrated curriculum keeps a focus on international and global awareness. Many of the courses offered in grades 10-12 are either honors or advanced placement, so only the best and brightest.


The option of studying abroad upon the completion of a foreign language program and embark n a focus week excursion outside of class. With over fifteen clubs and activities such as drama, Future Business Leaders of America, and the National Honor Society. There are even ample opportunities for parents to volunteer for various school-related functions, field trips, and parent nights.

The Faculty

With phenomenal test scores and post-graduate success rate, naturally comes an equally impressive staff. Every single review by present or past employees on reveal nary a negative comment on the institution. Their overall score out of 46 reviews is a solid ⅘.


These are scores potentially reflective of educators that had a long-standing career at this school, and have watched it grow since 1997. Whether coming, or going, or staying, ICS is an upstanding place to grow, and learn together, either as student or teacher.


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