Indoor Skydiving in Seattle for Me Birthday [video]

Our Mini Adrenalin Adventure was planned

Me Indoor Skydiving in SeattleMy wife decided that for my birthday the family and some friends were going to do some indoor skydiving in Seattle after having an incredible party where she was going to wear a lime green tutu.  Our youngest Gabe of coarse is only 2 years old so he couldn’t do it but I was really curious to see if our 5 year old Isaiah could muster up the courage.  Well he did and I think that was almost the best part of this adventure.  Watching him float in that windy huge vertical tube was awesome.  Freaking, fabulous fun is what it was.

Yeah I beat up Barney and stole his purple suit.  That is why I looked so awesome.  LOL

Video of Me Indoor Skydiving in Seattle

Video of my 5 Year Old Son Isaiah Indoor Skydiving in Seattle and then the Professional Instructor

Summary of our Seattle Indoor Skydiving Experience:

  • It was way more fun then I thought
  • Everyone had a blast
  • We laughed like little kids
  • My 5 year was strong and had the courage to do it
  • Great Anticipation was created from watching the group before us
  • Yes it did scare me a bit but Laura got scared the most
  • A real nice and clean facility
  • It was expensive so be prepared to spend serious coin.

…And Yes I would do it again or recommend it.  Also, we went an drove Gas Powered Go Karts in Seattle right afterwards so between these 2 adventures we all felt energized and invigorated.

iFLY Seattle • 349 Tukwila Pkwy • Tukwila, WA 98188
phone: (206) 244-iFLY • (206) 244-4359

Leave us any thoughts and comments below.  I love living in Washington.  Laters.

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