How to take a Lead to an Appointment. The Process and Flow Chart

The lead conversion process. How to take a lead and convert it intro an appointment. What should should you do? What are the steps? Remember it is all about lead generation and part of that process is lead conversion. Without lead conversion to appointments and then qualifying the lead what do you have? The answer is nothing, you have a big waste of time. Therefore you must learn and master the lead to appointment process. Here is our video for how we at the Real Estate Solutions Group convert leads showing you the process and a flow chart / diagram.

How to take a Lead to an Appointment. The Process and Flow Chart Video:

Video Transcript:

Hey. What’s going on everyone? Anton Stetner here with the Real Estate
Solutions Group. For those of you that don’t know, I love me some scripts
and dialogues from on lead conversion. So, this kind of crazy, nasty
graphic thing, flow chart, behind us here is what we go through to convert
our leads into appointments. I just wanted to take a moment to share it
with you guys about the process that we go through. First off, you’ve got a
lead. You’re going to run into an objection. You then need to get an
appointment, and then ultimately qualify the appointment. Okay, the first
thing with the lead is always remember you’re trying to accomplish three
things with every lead: get an appointment, get a referral, or strengthen
the relationship. We have have another video where we talk more in depth
about that, but always be keeping that in mind.

As you start to come into the process, what’s going to happen is you’re
going to bounce in and out of this right here. So, always be thinking a
little NLP, a little Neuro-linguistic Programming. Focus on: “What’s my
script?”, “How am I going to handle the objection?” Handling the objection
is not necessarily telling them the full answer to the problem. It’s
telling them partial answers to the problem. It’s not fully giving away
every bit of the information. It’s handling it enough to where they feel
confident with you in order to give the appointment. You can always side
step what they’re talking about. So, if for some reason, the objection is
just not a true objection, you can just boom, go right past it.

Remember, Reflex-Support-Bridge is an objection handling technique. Also,
Feel-Felt-Found is another objection handling technique. What happens too
after an objection you drop in one of your scripts or something like that,
and it doesn’t work, you quite didn’t get the appointment, one of the
things you need to pop out too, is our loop over here. The first one we
always want to focus on is the dream. The why. If you were to sell this
home, where were you going to go? What would that accomplish for you? FORD,
Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams, how does that relate to your job?
How does that relate to what you do for fun? Keep controlling the
conversation via questions. Use pain versus pleasure. Fear of loss. Value
and benefit.

When you’re using pain versus pleasure, pain versus pleasure is tell them
about the pain that they will suffer if they don’t do it. The pleasurable
outcome if they do. Fear of loss is, to give you an example let’s just say
it was a buyer. How would you feel if Smith was on this mailbox tomorrow
instead of your last name? Value. Tell them the value in which they would
get if they were to work with you. What’s the other benefits they may
receive? Hey, one of the benefits of using our team is there are multiple
real estate agents that are always available for you.

Now moving along. The other things that you could do during that objection
phase is sometimes you’ve got to get them moving through this. Kent Removalists  span the country so we always have local experts operating in your area, meaning they can get you moving as quickly as you like. You just got to get them to say yes, maybe interrupt their pattern or use a tie down.
Saying yes, an example of that would be let’s just say it’s an expired and
the expired listing is saying, “Man all these agents are calling me. I
can’t get them to quit calling me. They’re driving me crazy.” And you just
say, “You know what? Real estate agents drive me crazy too. Wouldn’t you
agree?” Well, of course, you’re going to say yes to that.

Using a pattern to interrupt. Sometimes, just say their name. Say
something. Get them to stop on the tirade that it is they’re going through.
Tie downs, wouldn’t it, couldn’t it, shouldn’t it, don’t you agree,
couldn’t you agree with that, do you see the benefit in that? After all of
these, once you basically have gone lead, objection, immediately go for the
appointment. Don’t get stuck in one of these for a long period of time.
It’s lead, script, objection, script, appointment. Be willing to ask for
that appointment about three or four times, but keep moving. Once you have
the appointment, qualify the appointment. Another good way to qualify them,
would be to say something like, “Excellent. I look forward to meeting with
you at 3. Before I get there, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you,
just so I can make the best use of your time.” Then, go through your
qualification questions.

The thing to always remember during any dialogue is always close for a next
appointment. Because sometimes, you’re not going to get the appointment
right away; you’re just going to work on strengthening the relationship.
So, during that strengthening of that relationship you would maybe say,
“Would it be all right if I followed up with you again next week on
Wednesday?” Or, you’re at an appointment with someone, you’re face-to-face,
close for the next appointment. Just remember if you have an appointment,
you’re in front of them now, or you’ve got them on the phone for your
appointment, the second that appointment happens, close for your next one.
Hey, I’m Anton Stetner with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Subscribe
above. Comment below. We’ll update you as we go.

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