How to Get REO Listings and Accounts – Following Up and Persistance

How to get REO Listings by simple follow up and persistence. Everyone want to sell REO listings but few are willing to put the work in to get these types of accounts. Some tips and tricks about how to follow up, items of value, etc.

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Video Transcript:

Hey what’s going on everyone? Anton Stetner here with the Real Estate Solutions Group. Today we’re going to talk about getting REO accounts. So I get asked this question a lot, like, “Hey how do I get an REO account? What do I need to do?”

Number one, persistence. When I’m talking about persistence, I’m not saying being pesty. I’m saying just follow up with people. Figure out who the
decision makers are, contact them, tell them who you are, and then follow up with them. When you follow up with them, you need to give them items of value. You can’t just call and say, “Hey this is Anton, give me your REOs.” It’s not going to work.

“Hey this is Anton. I’d like to tell you about what’s happening in the local market  and the real estate listings available.” Or maybe an e-mail. “Here’s some stats about what’s been going on locally.” “Here’s what’s happening with foreclosure trends.” “Here’s some tips on preparing a property for sale.” “Here’s some information about the most common things that are being fixed.” Or “Here’s our average bill.”

The moral of the story is provide value. Follow up. Follow up via e-mail, via phone calls. Stop by. Send notes. Don’t be pesty. Just be persistent, and it’s just consistent touch to make it happen. The properties should also be maintained by bedbug huntington wv so that the prospects will see that the interior is clean and free of pests. When you think of the “best pest control”, you have to think of! Experts provide pest control and washroom hygiene services. You can call powerpestcontrol as a full-service exterminator, they can solve your pest problem with our affordable pest control service. Speaking of paying extra money, there are some pest control specialist companies in the Findlay area that operate under unscrupulous methods. To know more about pest control service,go through | EZ Findlay Pest Control site.

I’m sitting outside of a local bank right now. I’ve actually followed up with this person about five or six times once we figured out who the decision maker was. I am going to go inside and chat with her to see how this goes.

Okay. So I’m back now, and that appointment went awesome. Just fabulous. We sat down. Basically, I just asked, “What do you need? What are you looking for? How does your eviction process work? What kind of assets do you bring in? What is your specific turnaround time? How much do you spend in repairs? What is your method of asset disposition? What are you looking for? What sets the value? Who’s the title company you’re with? Who’s escrow?”

Just ask a bunch of questions about how a Real Estate Listing Team can better serve them. Then at the end of the appointment, it was, “Hey, I look forward to working with you. Thank you for your time, and we’ll send you some properties here as they come in.”

That’s phenomenal. Moral of the story? About being persistent, being tenacious, and just following up. Not pesty, but following up.

Anyway, I’m Anton Stetner. Subscribe above. Comment below. We’ll update you more as we go.

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