How Real Estate Agents Can Serve As A Buyer’s Best Asset

Some potential homebuyers forgo working with a real estate agent because they believe they can save money and hassle if they go it alone.  However, this is usually not true. Unless you have extensive experience selling and/or buying property, the best advice I can give you is that you should be working for experts in finding and evaluating new homes for sale. Working with real estate agents will help ensure you don’t miss anything, pick the best property for you, a decision which could affect you for years, and help you follow the right process. Below are a few ways a real estate agent can benefit your home buying process:

  1. Real estate agents simplify the complex. Buying property, especially REOs can be complicated. Most buyers don’t understand the terms, forms and legalese used in transactions. This lack of understanding can lead to confusion and financial loss. Real estate agents can help a buyer understand the documents given to them in a way that will help the buyer make informed decisions about their purchase.
  2. Real estate agents understand the current market.  The real estate market is constantly changing, especially the REO market.  Real estate agents have the motivation and time to stay on top of these changes so that buyers are aware of shifts that could impact their purchase negotiations.
  3. Real estate agents can help you make projections. While they can’t predict the market future, real estate agents can tell you which locales are poised for future property value gains and which are not.  They can also let you know if you’re offering too little or too much for an REO property because they have easy access to past sales data.
  4. Real estate agents have experience negotiating deals. Because real estate agents are in the business of sales on a daily basis, they have a lot of practice securing deals that benefit their clients. They know what banks are looking for and what type of offer could close (or open) a door.  At the end of the day, real estate agents have an objective voice that can help a buyer cut through the fog of emotion when making an offer on a property.
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