Gas Powered Go Karts in Seattle for Me Bday [video]

Our Mini Adrenalin Adventure was planned part 2

gansters driving go karts in SeattleSo the continuation of our adventure after we had completed Skydiving in Seattle was for us to go rock out and race go karts.  Sarah had not planned this part, literally as we were finishing indoor skydiving and Sean looks over with a big grin and says “let’s go race go karts, its just like 3 minutes away…”.  What an epically brilliant idea and a great continuation to the fun.  Everyone hopped in their cars, Tim and April drove to the wrong place at first, and then we arrived at Sykart in Seattle.

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This was another awesome adventure, totally a blast and I didn’t have to wear a freaking purple suit that looked like barney.

Video of Us Driving Go Karts in Seattle

The Top 3 on the Podium

The top 3 racers from gas powered go karts in seattle

I freaking love living in Washington, please leave us your thoughts and comment below.


17450 West Valley Highway  Tukwila, WA 98188

(425) 251-5060

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