Former Seattle Sonics Player Refuses To Leave Foreclosed Property

indexRobert Swift, a former Seattle Sonics center, lost his home to foreclosure earlier this year but is reportedly still living in the house and refusing to leave. And according to some new reports, Swift’s foreclosure wasn’t the first sign of financial trouble.

During his NBA career, Swift pocketed between $10 million and $20 million dollars in salary and bonuses. However, Swift has not maintained the property, and reports indicate that the front lawn is covered in old beer cans and old cars.(source)

So what will happen if Swift refuses to leave the property?  In the State of Washington, a property owner who loses his home to foreclosure has 20 days to vacate after it’s is sold. If he fails to leave the home, the new owner has the right to file an eviction lawsuit. While the process of filing an eviction law suit may buy Swift a little more time, it isn’t likely he can do anything to stop the eviction, unless something illegal or irregular took place in the foreclosure process. And once the sheriff arrives to remove him (and his possessions) from the property, any resistance could land him in serious legal trouble.

If Swift wanted to contest the foreclosure, he should have done so before the property was sold.  And since the State of Washington allows the reinstatement of a mortgage up to 11 days before the property is sold, he may have had a fighting chance of keeping his home. It’s important to note that it isn’t clear at this time if Swift has been in contact with his lenders or if he is in fact contesting the sale’s validity.


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