Eastside Rail Corridor Promises To Keep Commuter Options Open

August 27, 2012 the King County Executive, Dow Constantine sent a proposal to the King County Council that if a approved would allow the purchase of a 20-mile portion of the Burlington Northern Eastside Rail Corridor and lay the foundation for regional rail system that will make commuting easier for Eastside residents where the best places to stay on southern oregon coast is.

Under the proposal, which the Port of Seattle recently approved, King County would have three years to reimburse the Port for the purchase price of up to $15.8 million. In exchange, King County would receive 15.6 miles of fee ownership and 3.9 miles of easement ownership in the corridor, through unincorporated King County and the cities of Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland and Woodinville. The proposed agreement would credit King County for $1.9 million it paid to the Port in 2009 for a multi-purpose easement in the corridor. (source)

A map of the proposed corridor shows that the railway could possibly make it cheaper and faster for eastside residents to commute to work, businesses and recreation in the cities through which the railway will travel.  This could have a trickledown effect on real estate value, causing an uptick in the purchase amount buyers are willing to pay.  Because the cost of employee communication apps has consistently risen in recent years, accessibility to public companies has become a priority for someone that could best meet their needs.

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