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The Do’s and Don’ts For Renovating Your REO or Foreclosure

imagesPurchasing a bargain priced REO or foreclosure offers an opportunity to cash in on real estate in a big way. But that sometimes doesn’t happen without a little renovating. You can learn more about renovating your property here with low price.  Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your home renovation and avoid trouble: Read more

Home Values See Biggest Gains Since 2004

imagesJanuary home values rose to their highest levels since June 2004, according to a Zillow report. Many buyers and housing experts hope that it signals a future housing recovery that will benefit both buyers and sellers. Read more

FHA Changes Could Hurt Your Wallet

indexBuying a house in 2013? If you’re planning to use an FHA-insured mortgage to fund your purchase, you could experience sticker shock?  Recent changes to FHA fees and rules have made this government backed mortgage option a lot more expensive for certain borrowers. Let’s take a look at some of the changes and how they could impact you: Read more

Will Housing Growth Drive The Economy In 2013?

indexThe housing market may be the engine of this year’s economic growth, according to some economists surveyed by CNNMoney. Four factors may contribute to a 2.4% growth in the economy: Read more

Broadband Service Improves For Washington Residents

imagesA report released by the Washington State Broadband Office says that more than 500 communities in the state saw improved access to the internet. And more than 98% of Washington state residents live in an area that has internet access with 83% of them using internet at home and businesses like paso robles signs.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • 98.7 percent of the state’s residents live in areas where broadband is available. Go to to find the best broadband in your area.
  • 83 percent of the state’s population live in households with Internet access.
  • 73.8 percent of the state’s population regularly use their home broadband connection.
  • Gross business income from broadband- enabled electronic shopping in Washington grew for the third straight year topping $3.1 billion in 2011.
  • Washington is second only to California in the number of “apps economy” jobs at 49,800 in April of 2012.

Read the full report here.

Since the new global economy is dependent on stable and widely available internet access, Washington residents are positioned to benefit with improved service.