The Real Estate Solutions Group is looking for phenomenally talented individuals who want to advance their real estate careers in Washington State.

Let’s Learn, Grow, Do Deals, Have Some Fun and Make Money!!

If you have the potential to be a great real estate broker and you want more leads, buyers, listings, leverage and the best education in the industry, then click here to talk with us.

  • Crush It in Social Media

    Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Linkedin.

  • Create A Lead Flow Pipe-line

    Prospect Tracking. Warm Funnels. Call Center Support.

  • Generate Thousands of Page Views

    Organic Search. Paid Media. Social Referrals. Awesome Content.

  • Grow Your Listing Portfolio

    Listing Management. Territory Farming. Brand Awareness.

  • Leverage

    Amazing Team, Business Structure, Leadership, and Plain Old Working It

  • Tools and Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

    IP Tracking. Geo Targeting. Smart Data.

  • Lethal Skills in Buying and Selling

    Personal coaching. Team support. Presentation Templates & Techniques

  • Strong Internet Web Presence

    Holistic strategy. Forward thinking. Constantly evolving.

Our team starts the morning with music, affirmation and the practicing of scripts and dialogues.
Please join us Monday – Friday at 8:00 am to see what we are all about.