A Legacy for Learning Luncheon Raises $180,000 For Schools


The Lake Washington Schools Foundation’s seventh annual “A Legacy for Learning Luncheon” raised $180,000 for local schools. The keynote speaker Tony Ventrella, a former local TV sports anchor, spoke about the importance of educating youth.

Ventrella recalled hearing President John F. Kennedy speak about how education is important when he was younger. “Every child’s flame burns brighter in different ways,” said Ventrella, who is currently the media host for the Seahawks and Sounders.  He told the crowd how important it is to find what makes that flame burn for every child and how important the LWSF is in supporting those passions. He talked, and joked, about volunteering at his own daughter’s school in Burien. “I spend a lot of time reading in that third grade class. I am by far the best reader,” he said to a roar of laughter. (source: Kirkland Reporter)

The event also featured other notable speakers such as Emcee Monica Hart, a former Seattle TV news anchor, Dr. Traci Pierce and Andy Wappler, a longtime weatherman for KIRO and current Puget Sound Energy spokesman.  All speakers at the luncheon emphasized the importance of educating the youth if we want a strong community and business sector.  Studies have shown that the more education someone has the more likely they are to earn at least a living wage in adulthood and eventually participate in homeownership. Communities with an educated citizenry are more likely to have lower crime rates, lower unemployment rates and high property values which create a positive cycle of resources that can be used to educate future generations.

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