5 Things To Look-Out For When Signing A Lease

5 Things To Look-Out For When Signing A Lease

Let’s be honest and acknowledge that barely anyone reads the fine print on user-agreements. Nobody wants to pour over pages and pages of boring technical writing, especially when clicking agree is the only hindrance from getting/downloading what you want. When it comes to your lease contract though, the fine print is quite important. The lease you sign is typically binding for at least a year, and doesn’t have the same rules as your parents’ place.

When you’re preparing to sign a lease agreement, you should leave yourself ample time to read over every detail as well as checking the entire home to see if a repair or  roof replacement is needed. These details include things that affect your day-to-day, or how many people you can have over, and for how long. Understand what you’re getting yourself into! There are several things to look out for in a lease, but we’ve brought it down to five key parts to keep your eye out for.

Keep an eye on small water leaks can and often do lead to big problems. Be alert to signs that more trouble may be on the way. Leaking faucets, damp cabinets, rocking toilets or dripping refrigerators are all symptoms that require fast and decisive action, see here how to solve this problems.


Always read the fine print about your pets when it comes to potential extra fees and damage costs. Be sure to let your landlord know about any pets you’ll be keeping on the property that shed, or cause a lingering smell. You don’t want them to find out the hard way, which can result in a much higher fine than paying the initial pet deposit. To know more about pet grooming product, visit weblink.


This is a tricky subject that is usually detailed on your lease. You naturally want to entertain guests at your new residence, but how long is too long? Look for the section in your lease that discusses the limitations on how long your guests can crash on your couch. Many leases delegate 10 days as being more than an ample stay.

Totals & Due Dates

When you initially found the property, what was the listed rental fee? Is it any different than the number you’re seeing on the actual lease agreement? If you originally thought the price of rent was more or less than what you’re seeing on the lease, ask about it! There could have been an error on their behalf, or there could have been a deposit fee you weren’t made privy to. Also keep a keen eye on the due date for rent and any late-fee you can incur from not paying on time.

Terminating Lease Early

You never know what curveballs life is going to throw at you, so it serves to know all your options. If you need to break a lease early, there typically is an early termination fee you’ll need to pay. Keeping in clear communication throughout your thoughts on breaking a lease early with your landlord is the best way to not find yourself sacked with a hefty fee just because you need to relocate for work suddenly.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Read through all the details on maintenance because largely it all befalls the landlord, same with the extra commodities. Major issues with appliances that came with the unit are usually covered by the lease. What about the ventilation system? It is important to know who will be in charge of covering the heating repair. You’ll probably want to do this before the issue actually arises, not to mention before the cold winter months.

Any big problems with leaks in pipes or roofing, make sure the downspout installation was done properly. When you have a leak or need a whole roof replacement, Bellevue Flooring can help you find accredited roofing contractors near you.

Contact your landlord if any issue arises in your home that you’re unsure about if the lease isn’t crystal clear. When it comes to picking out siding contractors for your home, generally, exterior remodeling contractors will work with siding that conforms to your region’s climate, the look of your neighborhood and the style of your home. Vinyl siding might not suit an Arts and Crafts-style home, but if you live by the water, a vinyl shake siding exterior might be best. The choices for home exteriors and siding materials are varied, and they all have unique advantages and drawbacks.

Wood siding needs more maintenance than less-expensive, low-maintenance vinyl siding, but with proper care it will outlast vinyl siding, which can fade and crack over time

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